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A Tooth That Has Lost a Dental Filling Might Need to Be Restored by a Dental Crown

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When a dental filling is used to treat a tooth, the material is cemented or bonded to the surrounding tooth enamel with the intention that it will last for many long years. Yet as time goes on the once strong relationship that holds the dental filling in place can start to degrade. In many of these cases, poor oral hygiene practices can accelerate the process.


If you have recently noticed a problem with one of your dental fillings or you’ve just had a dental filling fall out you need to have it examined dentist like Dr. Paul Szmanda, Yvonne Schulke, Tom Nichols, Aaron Pavelski, and Kate Collelo. After examining the compromised tooth, they will present you with the most effective treatment plan.  


If the tooth doesn’t have enough healthy tooth enamel remaining to secure a replacement dental filling they might need to perform a dental crown restoration. The treatment process involves removing whatever remains of the original tooth enamel layer to prepare an abutment from the core structure of the tooth.


The dental crown will be prepared in a dental lab from materials meant to rival the durability of natural tooth enamel. Dr. Paul Szmanda, Yvonne Schulke, Tom Nichols, Aaron Pavelski, and Kate Collelo will then use a special dental adhesive to cement it to the abutment.


If you have a tooth with a missing dental filling, and you are in the Wausau, Wisconsin, area, you should call 715-845-3200 to have it treated at Szmanda Dental.