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Bring Out Your Best Smile by Eliminating Risk Factors for Dental Damage

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Building a safe smile includes always taking the necessary steps to avoid tooth hazards that may be present in your day-to-day life. Some of the biggest oral health risks that you’re often faced with are actually from your diet. Numerous dietary selections and choices can destroy your smile in several different ways. In order to protect your smile, exercise caution with all products that you consume.

Are you aware of the risks associated with sugary substances such as fruit juice, soda, and sports drinks? If you are not aware, these products are often heavily laden with sugars that can be converted by plaque and bacteria in your mouth into harmful acids. When these acids come into contact with your gums and tooth enamel, they can slowly deteriorate them. Thus, eliminate extremely sugary products from your diet. Also, be aware that sticky or chewy sweets can linger in your mouth and be difficult to wash away. This can increase the amount of time that tooth decay can occur. Similarly, constant snacking throughout the day can also put your smile at an increased risk of tooth decay.

To help keep your smile safe, always use your teeth and gums for tasks for which they are intended. This includes for eating and drinking only. Never use your teeth to try to open any products such as water bottles, bottle caps, or plastic packages, as doing so can destroy your teeth and gums.

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