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Oral Health Keys: Gum Disease Symptoms

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If your smile is ever damaged due to unhealthy lifestyle or poor cleaning habits, your risk for gum disease greatly increases. If you have gum disease, you will be susceptible to numerous oral health risks including infections and tooth loss. This is important to determine if gum diseases present. Listed below are a few common symptoms of gum disease:

– Gum disease can lead to painful chewing when eating.

– Look for indications of damaged gums that are routinely bleeding, especially after highly sensitive procedures such as eating, brushing, or flossing.

– If you are consistently suffering from bad breath, also known as halitosis, gum disease may be present.

– Visible symptoms linked to gum disease include loose or separating teeth as well as pus or sores.

– If your gums are pulling back away from your teeth, and it appears that they are receding and exposing more of a tooth’s root, gum disease may be to blame.

– If your teeth are extra sensitive or look as if they are moving out of position, gum disease may be responsible.

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