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Top 3 Myths of Child Oral Health Busted

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Sometimes it’s hard to break through the mumbo jumbo of marketing tactics or what you think seems logical and actually know what’s best for your child’s smile. There are definitely some common myths out there when it comes to children’s dental health and we’re here to help set the record straight on the top 3 myths of child oral health.


Fruit Juices are a Healthy Choice

Let’s face it….we all love a fun juice box or Kool-Aid burst here or there, but a lot of these drinks can be just as bad for your teeth as soda, if not worse if your child has a sippy cup attached to their mouth all day. Just because the word “fruit” is involved does not mean it’s healthy. Most of these fruit juices have added sugar or acid that is harmful to your smile. Even orange juice is high in sugar! Apple juice really takes the kicker tho — one glass of apple juice contains as much sugar as three Krispy Kreme donuts!!!! YIKERS! We definitely recommend keeping your children to drinking simply water and milk.

Your Child Can Brush on Their Own


Just because your child may be old enough to hold a toothbrush and understands the concept of brushing their teeth, does not mean they can be trusted to tackle this task solo style. Most adults do not even allow for the FULL two minutes and diligent brushing of all surfaces, so to be safe keep a close eye on their back-n-forths until their adult teeth are through and they are mini brushing champions.

Who Cares What Happens to Baby Teeth

We can see the sense of logic here…..if they’re going to fall out, then why does it matter if you take care of baby teeth? However, it’s way more important than you might think! If you do not take care of your child’s teeth, they can suffer from space loss. If you compare the arch of baby teeth to adult teeth — it’s very important to keep all your teeth healthy and intact to preserve that space as they grow. When you acquire a lot of decay and even lose baby teeth due to poor hygiene, you are taking away precious space that your adult teeth need to grow into. Once that space is missing, you increase the chances of crowding in the permanent teeth and thus creating a crooked smile. You also have higher chances of decay in the adult teeth and no one wants this!

toddler-with-strawberriesWe are strong advocates of child oral health and at Szmanda Dental, we know the importance of prevention, dental education and nutritional education. We focus on keeping their experience a positive one!