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What Do You Know about Cavity Prevention?

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Are you doing enough to keep your mouth safe and free of cavities? Cavities form when your tooth enamel is breached. This often is due to dental erosion, which can be prevented by following safe cleaning tips and eating a healthy diet.

Are you following the necessary steps to ensure cavities are unlikely to occur within your mouth? Are you always brushing and flossing daily, making sure all areas of your mouth are efficiently cleaned and cared for? Have you been avoiding foods and drinks that can increase your risk for cavities? Do you always make sure to attend your bi-annual professional cleanings with your dentist in addition to your regular checkups?

If your cavity prevention techniques fail or are neglected, and a cavity does occur, speak with your dentist about your practical options for an effective dental filling. A dental filling can be used to remove decay and fill in a cavity and give a tooth the protection and safety it requires in order to continue to function.

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